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  • Fiio FH3 2BA+1DD Knowles Beryllium-plated Dynamic Hybrid Driver In-ear, Earphone IEM S. TURBO Acoustic Design Alloy Shell MMCX

  • Materiały informacyjne: Przewodowa
  • Liczba Kierowców: 2
  • Numer Modelu: fh3
  • Długość Linii: 1,2 m
  • To bezprzewodowe lącze: No
  • Z Mikrofonem: No
  • Zasada Вокализма: Technologia hybrydowa
  • Zakres Impedancji: do 32 Ohm
  • Maksymalna Moc: 100 Mw
  • Średnica Kierowcy: 10mm
  • Czułość: 114 db
  • Wodoodporny: No
  • Przycisk Sterowania: No
  • Obsługa Kart Pamięci: No
  • Regulator Głośności: No
  • Materiał Uszczelek Do Słuchawek: Silikon
  • Aktywna Redukcja Szumów: No
  • Typ Wtyczki: L Zginanie
  • Aplikacja wsparcia: No
  • Złącza: 3,5 mm
  • Styl: Nad uchem
  • Opór: 24Ω
  • Zakres Pasma Przenoszenia: 10 - 40000гц
  • marka: Фиио

Fiio FH3 2BA+1DD Knowles Beryllium-plated dynamic driver In-ear słuchawki IEM S. TURBO Acoustic Design Alloy Shell MMCX wymienny kabel

Kierowcy Knowles BA Dynamiczny sterownik z бериллиевым powłoką S. TURBO acoustic design Zrównoważona technologia rozładowania ciśnienia Zaawansowane złącza MMCX Высокочистый monokrystaliczny posrebrzane miedziany kabel Obudowa ze aerospace stopu aluminiowo-magnezowego


Sterowniki: dynamiczny sterownik z бериллиевым powlekane 10 mm; Knowles ED30262 dla średnich częstotliwości; Knowles RAD33518 dla kabli wysokiej częstotliwości materiał: Высокочистая монокристаллическая srebrzona miedź Maksymalna moc wejściowa: 100 Mw Sposób noszenia: na ucho Czułość: 114 [email protected] Mw Długość przewodu: około 120 cm Pasmo przenoszenia: 10 Hz ~ 40 khz Impedancja: 24Ω@1 khz Waga: 7,3 g (jeden blok)


Hanganu Denis
I'm in love with these headphones. For the price it costs, it really is a great investment. Starting with the bass that are addictive, they manage to be intense, fat, clean and rich in details. They do not affect other frequencies in a negative way. The mediums are correct and sweet, they will never attack your ears, ok for male vocals and falling in love with the female ones. The treble are present, even though they are very thin, they are not lost at any time. It is not a very three-dimensional item, but this is not a defect, it is a matter of taste. Anyway, I only have compliments.
Inna Utesh
Good audiphones though the cable is not very comfortable
Sound and quality headphones, according to the sound of claims, there is no smooth sound in all hearing spectrum. Read reviews, someone has little bass, someone has a lot, as for me-the bass here as much as it should be. With all the bonuses and spits 11.11 they cost me about $112-for such a price tag of alternatives to them just no. The purchase is satisfied with all 100%, despite minor disadvantages (they are). Of the shortcomings-naughty tight wire. I will change to another with direct Jack. With cases is also unclear. The cloth cover is too small to shove into it headphones with a wire. The hard case is too heavy and bulky. In general, neither. Order shipped the next day, arrived in the country in three weeks, and then a lot of "thank you" to the Belarusian customs for its cooperation. Duty did not pay, apparently customs officials do not know that there are in nature headphones are more expensive than $20, and also that there are Belarus, able to lay out such money for them.
Ching 13 96
The Fiio FH3 are my first foray into the world of IEM's and it looks like I might have picked a real gem right off the bat. In fact I may just have found my "endgame" "do everything" headphone and at a price way less than I expected! Sure if I spent £300+ I might get better technicalities like larger soundstage or better micro details, but with this tuning, comfort, build and pure enjoyment factor do I REALLY need any more! What makes these stand out is the near perfect tuning, the high level of detail, and the superb imaging, let alone the gorgeous design, supreme comfort, and rock solid build! The bass is deep but at the same time tight and punchy, the mids are lush and well suited to vocals, and the highs are detailed enough without ever feeling fatiguing or sibilant. In comparison my £900 LCD-2c actually lack a bit of bass presence even though they do have great bass extension. The FH3 has better midbass and a nice punch to the sound that's very addictive! Well done Fiio!

Bądź pierwszym który napisze recenzję!


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